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e-dicola is a virtual kiosk for specialized magazines that enables editors to enter the mobile publication world in a simple way, allowing the enhancement of the contents with multimedia and the distibution on various devices.

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    Attach descriptions to your content or extend them
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    Image gallery
    Do you have images that weren't used in the printed version? It would be a pitty not to show them to your readers. Add them here!
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    Web link
    Connect the reader directly to the referred site.
  • Mail a5c8cb577eff190fb33c4604449c7f6c6002c74f4d20802287efcb7c2ec42c3f
    Take the short cut. With the email link the contact is just a click away opening a precompiled email.
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  • Magazine 414abccade6d960a2b4fbe4939d630ce79954f35ed5c098ce9e616c700d0afcd
    Enable your users to connect to an article published in another magazine in your portfolio.
  • Audio cce29ed7e34f2537ae691724939abf70c1ae051a7d05b0b4df9523537a7346e1
    Read a magazine? Nothing new! But to listen to an interview it's an unusual experience.
  • Video beace55e6eca1754d28e0637746dec510ba327ec50844eb321dd9efa10a6d4e9
    A video is worth 1000 images: use this functionality to enhance your contents with video tutorials, video interviews, etc..
  • Discussion 8b1fee5095a6858c8b01d346e0e7b506458a9c2040138dd34aa2259d3f932643
    Share thoughts with other readers. A new function never seen till now in the digital editing world. Take the chance!

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